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Why don't you ship internationally?

Currently we're not able to ship products outside of the US, for two reasons:

1. The USPS has recently changed their international shipping rates, so that it is now somewhat exorbitant to ship even small items like pins to other countries. For example, to ship a single $11 pin to Canada, it now costs $9. We are investigating our options to find a way around these rate changes, but so far a good, reliable, non-sketchy option hasn't presented itself. Believe me, we ain't happy about it either. 

2. Many of our products (tees, totes, mugs etc) are fulfilled by an outside printing service, which offers only some of their products internationally, and the shipping on those is also extremely high. We are currently looking into other print-on-demand services to find which ones serve which regions most adequately, and will be offering our designs on those sites as well to serve customers in other countries. Please check back soon for more information!